Why are the airline regulations so strict?

Air transport is arguably the safest form of transport in the world and aviation regulations have to be strictly followed. However, many flights still cannot avoid the incidents that we still read in the press such as kidnapping children, human trafficking, terrorism … That is the reason for flight passengers to strictly adhere to the airline regulations and guidelines.

Aviation regulations prevent traffickers
On August 31, 2017, while working as usual, Denice Miracle, an American Airlines customer service staff, became suspicious of the two girls. about 15 and 17 years old when they checked in to a flight at Sacramento Airport, California, USA. The two girls had many unusual signs: no adults with them, no ID, buying one-way tickets and staying in first class. The credit cards used to book tickets do not carry your name and appear to be fraudulent.

Previously trained in human trafficking, on the one hand, Miracle quickly contacted the police, on the one hand, he explained the situation to the girls that they would not be able to fly because they did not have enough paperwork. are not.

Investigations later discovered that, after getting to know a man named Drey on Instagram, the girls were invited to New York over the weekend to model and appear in music videos with remuneration level 2,000 USD. Two girls arrive at the airport without their parents knowing. They believe Drey has booked a round trip ticket.

However, the legal agency was unable to contact Drey and his Instagram has also disappeared. Two lucky girls do not fall victim to human trafficking thanks to an airline worker who has been seriously trained and abides by aviation regulations, but others may not be so lucky.

Just type on the search engines the keyword “human trafficking”, you can find a lot of stories about human trafficking cases. And those are just cases discovered. On the other hand, with these tragic cases, many people have become victims of prostitution, organ trafficking … or even other terrible things.

Last year, the International Labor Organization (ILO) estimated that 24.9 million people globally were victims of modern slavery, including human trafficking. Every country is at risk, whether it be the source, transit or target country.

As the number of victims transported by air is increasing, the agencies responsible have coordinated and enhanced the training of aviation personnel of all countries to increase awareness and treatment. handle human trafficking cases by air, as well as ensure strict compliance with all flight safety regulations.

Follow the flight safety regulations and follow the instructions of the airline staff
Because of the above-mentioned risks, specific activities “in the sky”, the aviation industry always has strict security control requirements. and identification for passengers, especially minors.

However, not all guests are aware of the dangers that occur when joining this transport to understand that, must strictly comply with the regulations and instructions of the airline staff. On social networks, users easily find the clip or status “prosecutor” the airline staff makes it difficult for customers, despite the fact that the passengers have violated flight safety regulations.

A most recent example was in May 2019, an airline employee in Vietnam followed the airline regulations when it was not allowed to board a girl (14 years and 11 months) due to lack of documents. in accordance with aviation regulations. “The online community” and the girl’s relatives got angry that the company “has no human love” and argued that the girl was then with her family in Ho Chi Minh City to visit the funeral.

Many airline staff said that whenever a young passenger is not allowed to board the plane because there are not enough documents in accordance with the aviation regulations, many people often use the excuse that the children are going to funerals with their family, but nothing. claiming that reason is true, while the danger of trafficking and kidnapping of children is entirely possible.

In fact, there are cases where the family falls into circumstances, in terms of human love, it is very necessary to create conditions. However, this is only the amount of security and the police are eligible to check and verify. Aviation staff do not have enough time and authority to verify and resolve. So, their job is to comply with regulations and guests need to comply.

According to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam and the guiding circular of the Ministry of Transport, children under 14 years old do not have their own passports or their parent’s passports when checking in on domestic flights. The location must present a birth certificate or Certificate of social organization, for a child raised by the social organization, only valid for 6 months from the date of certification.

In cases where, for some reason, 14 years old but without identity card (not done, lost, damaged), you need to apply for identity certification to board the plane. In the identification, there should be a photo for airport staff to check step 1. Next, guests must go through the security door, the main responsible force for identification papers is correct.

That means passengers should understand that the airline staff’s compliance with regulations is to prevent the risk of human trafficking and prevent unfortunate consequences from happening.

Just a moment of neglect for a customer can have terrible consequences. (Internet)

The world will never forget the September 11, 2001, event in the United States with a series of four terrorist attacks by the Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist group. In one of those four cases, an American Airlines plane number 77 crashed into the Pentagon (the headquarters of the US Department of Defense), which collapsed part of the western side of the building and caused the death of 189 passenger.

Until now, Mr. VA – former American Airlines ticket checker is always haunted when remembering, when he was preparing to close the ticket counter at Dulles Airport, Virginia, two late passengers rushed to work. procedures for boarding flight number 77. Mr. VA put these two people on the plane and just a few hours later, 189 people were killed by the two terrorists.

The omission of some security controls when “traveling” for customers like the case of Mr. VA has become a gap to escape terrorism and causes terrible consequences beyond everyone’s imagination. If you know these consequences, passengers who once asked the airline staff to “sympathize”, “condemn” to ignore the flight safety regulations will have to rethink.