Things you need to know about recommended export goods procedure

The goods temporarily exported for re-import are usually the goods exported for repair, warranty, production, construction or lease under contracts with foreign countries.

For example, if you bring the sample to the fair or exhibition abroad, after finishing the fair, which items are left after being sold or donated, you must be imported back to the country of export.
As for machinery and goods, after the contract for lease, work, repair and maintenance will be imported again. The temporary import and re-export form will create favorable conditions for businesses and traders to declare and pay taxes at the customs sub-department.

Goods that are subject to temporary export for re-import will not be sold in the country of export, and must be imported within the prescribed time.

Documents that need to be prepared to open a declaration for temporary export for re-import

– Letter of application for temporary export – Re-import (with a period of temporary export)

– Sale and purchase contract, warranty paper is still in warranty period

– Letter, written notice of acceptance of warranty from both parties

– Invoice, packing list

– Defective certificate, inspection, if any

Above is the necessary information to send a shipment of temporary import for re-export.

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