Prohibited goods and conditionally sent goods …

Items that Newpost doesn’t receive:
1. Opium, opiate compounds, narcotics, psycho stimulants.
2. Weapons, ammunition, military technical equipment.
3. Depraved and reactionary cultural products; publications and documents aimed at undermining public order and opposing the Vietnamese state. Articles and goods banned from circulation or from business by the State.
4. Flammable substances or substances and substances that are dangerous or unhygienic, pollute the environment.
5. Living organisms, rare animals
6. Items, publications, valuable goods such as money, gold, silver, platinum
7. Post items contain many items for different people.
8. Goods without valid invoices or vouchers as prescribed.

Conditional delivery items
1. Items, publications and goods subject to conditional entry into the receiving country comply with notices of the World Postal Union. Goods for trading must have tax vouchers and valid vouchers according to the provisions of law.
2. Import and export articles and goods must comply with regulations of competent specialized management agencies. Packaged liquid and powder must not cause damage or pollution of other postal articles. Cargo items sent in NEWPOST items transported by air must comply with aviation security regulations.
3. Goods sent internationally must have full invoice, certificate of inspection, permit to export and be allowed to import into the host country …

High-value goods
Computer products, mobile phones, music players, cameras, chargers, mobile phone sims, electronic components, electronic machines, ready-made clothes … and other other goods of high economic value.

Packing and delivery of high value goods.
High value goods must be sealed, small packages must be loaded with leaded load.
Check the weight for outgoing or receiving connections.
When making an outgoing connection, it must be separately listed with a high-value row enumeration.
The inspection center when receiving high value goods must check balance, staff record the weight on Bill, sign and specify the name, and check the seal, lead lead when receiving.
When delivering to customers, the staff of NEWPOST must ask customers to check the packing status, high value of the parcels and fully sign the receipt.
Note: When receiving high-value goods from customers, customers have invoices and documents to prove the value of the shipment.

Oversized and overloaded goods:
– Overloaded goods are monolithic pieces of real weight 150kg or more

– Oversized goods are monolithic packages with a maximum side length of 3m or more or square frames with sides 2 m or more .
– Surcharge for oversized and overloaded goods:
+ Overloaded goods must add additional surcharge of 500 VND / 1kg (calculated by the actual weight).
+ Oversized goods must add car rental surcharge: The oversized department stores work with the logistics manager of the delivery area to calculate the surcharge for each lot.

– Any questions please contact the nearest center or 1900 63 6789 for advice.