How international express delivery charges are calculated

Recently, Dove has received a lot of questions related to international express delivery, especially the calculation of rates. Let’s find out and clarify with Dove:

The current international express freight rate is regulated by the general formula from which the shipping companies will follow, in order to create the stability of the market. school. International express freight rates are currently calculated based on the weight or volume of the cargo.

So when are goods by weight and when by volume? When calculating the freight, the delivery unit will convert the volume of the package to the same unit of weight (in kg) and its actual weight, and compare whichever is higher will charge the bill according to there. This is necessary because there are bulky but very light items on the contrary, there are small but heavy weight items.

So, first we need to convert volume into weight by the formula:
Length x width x height ÷ 5000

(5000 is the fixed number for international express services).

If the result is greater than the actual weight, choose that form. For example, international courier goods that measure 60 x 90 x 100 cm when weighed on will weigh 60kg and freight rates are $ 1 / kg. The volume of the cargo box will be converted to weight: 60 x 90 x 100 ÷ 5000 = 108 kg.

Since 108 kg is greater than the actual weight of 60 kg, the freight for this box will be calculated by volume, which means 108kg x $ 1 = $ 108. Thus, the fee for this service will be 108 $. Depending on the fixed tariff of each country, we calculate the specific price of each item.

Above is how to calculate charges for international express service. For direct support, please contact the Do Do’s switchboard at 1900.1590.