Regulations on packing of goods

The item must be firmly wrapped, the package must be in accordance with the appearance and nature of the item inside, and in accordance with the transport conditions. Items must be wrapped to ensure that they do not endanger employees when performing the transport, not contaminate or damage other items or operating equipment.

For postal items, if there is no need for special wrapping conditions, it must be ensured that they can be opened to control the content.

Regulations on packing some special substances

  1. Perishable substances and organisms that are infectious to humans and animals must be clearly marked or labeled “contagious” on items and must be wrapped according to regulations. The sender of infectious substances must ensure that the item is well wrapped and does not pose any danger to humans or animals during delivery.
  2. Items made of glass or fragile substances must be contained in boxes made of metal, or wood , inserted with shredded paper, shaved shells or anything else that has a protective effect, avoiding rubbing and collision during transportation.
  3. The liquid should be completely sealed, each in a metal or wood container, covered with sawdust, cotton or anything else with a protective effect.
  4. The substances that are difficult to flow, such as rubber, soft soap, sap, grease, … must be wrapped in the first layer with boxes, cloth bags, plastic … put in boxes made of wood, metal or other substances with enough strength to the contents did not leak.
  5. The seeds must be contained in a cloth, plastic, cardboard, wood or metal cover.
  6. Colored dry powder is acceptable only if stored in a completely sealed metal box and placed in a wooden box. Between the two layers of the box is inserted with sawdust, the absorbent has a protective effect.
  7. Colorless dry powder is acceptable when stored in metal or wooden boxes, bags. The container must be placed in a durable box made of one of the above materials.
  8. High value items are packed in 1 plastic layer and outside is carton.